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"We'd rather have one, brilliant stone than a hundred replicas."

The Egyptians viewed mice as a symbol of life and vitality. During the time of the year when the Nile would flood, the surrounding land was irrigated. This brought great crops and prosperity. When the ground dried, it would crack, leaving troughs deep enough for small mice to call home. The Egyptians observed the mice emerging from the cracks and presumed that they had been born of the mud itself.

Because the ancient Egyptians were an extremely superstitious, polytheistic culture and the Nile was the key to their livelihood, they equated mice with life and vitality.

We at Stone Series Publishing have taken the more challenging route, digging up those original, gemlike ideas that have slipped through the cracks, polishing those stones and pushing them up the mountain. We’re resilient, spirited and our books are original. This is what makes us rare.

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