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Vanishing Twin: Untapped Series (Volume 1)
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Scarlett and Jade Jennings, conjoined twins fused at the pelvis, share everything from the waist down. Survivors, born to a Bulgarian child with a drug addiction, the sisters were given up at birth to be raised in a treacherous orphanage and later adopted by an American couple from Arizona. Now famous motivational speakers and New York Times bestselling authors of their first release, My Sister’s Hands, the two make a daring move—living independently under the glittering lights of Las Vegas. Their structured world unravels following their introduction to Sebastian Cole.

Even after Scarlett discovers that Sebastian is Vegas’s most sought out illusionist, rumored to possess demonic powers, and that even his own mother had tried to kill him as a boy, she finds herself even more drawn to him. Scarlett and Sebastian have an immediate connection, but Jade, who is infatuated with the unusual magician as well, creates an incredibly complicated dynamic. Is it love that brought them together? Or are they just pawns being used in the ongoing war between God and Lucifer?

Twin Flames: Untapped Series (Volume 2)
Available January 2015, in paperback or eBook


Conjoined sisters Scarlett and Jade Jennings survived the perils of infancy,  including  foul  treatment  in a deplorable orphanage. Now  bestselling authors, the sisters make Las Vegas  their  home, but find themselves in the center of an even more fiendish  storm.  In  the  eye  of  that  gathering storm is Sebastian Cole,  Vegas’s  star  illusionist,  a  man whose   supernatural   powers   make   him   the  target  of diabolical ambitions.  Lucifer’s  Chosen need control of his power,  power  he  absorbed  from his twin brother in utero. Temptation is at its highest,  and  Scarlett  is  Sebastian’s weakness. To keep Scarlett safe, he must make decisions concerning his  future,  concerning  his  soul,  while  giving heed to his aunt’s  warning  to  keep all that you love away from the darkness.

Can he love Scarlett and still keep her away from the dark forces hunting him?

As the lines between good and evil blur, Scarlett and Sebastian dive deeper in love, and the shadows that Jade has been feeding swiftly close in on them. While Jade and Scarlett’s bond wanes and Scarlett and Sebastian’s romance reaches a pinnacle, the three discover they are linked by an entity of great power and evil. A force that wants to eliminate Sebastian and lock the sisters to himself.

Angels in Stone: Unturned Stone Series (Volume 1)
Re-Release: February 2015, in paperback or eBook

They  call  Esperança  a  voodoo  priestess.  In  the  Bronx, Priestesses are  as  common  as New  York Pizza. But this isn’t just any priestess, Claire Preston-Lockwood discovers. Esperança has the power to negotiate with the fallen angels, sealing deals for humans who ultimately forge alliances with Satan to overthrow God.  In  The  Bronx,  New  York,  in the same  veiled   room  where  demons  listen  with  soundless heartbeats,  43-year  old  Claire   forms   an  unconventional friendship  with  a  voodoo  priestess  who  promises to help Claire become pregnant, to give her young husband the child he yearns for.

Having exhausted  all  conventional  options,  Claire  follows Esperança’s counsel.  But  when Claire learns of the secrets connected  to the priestess’s family,  who  call  themselves, Lucifer’s Chosen,  Claire  realizes  that  there  may  be more going on that just her initial obsession regarding her infertility and saving her marriage. As Esperança draws Claire’s truths to the surface, Esperança’s own truths are revealed.  In  the end, Claire must make a choice: God or Satan. What’s more is that if Claire chooses Satan,  she  must  journey  into  the uncharted regions of Mato Grosso,  Brazil,  and  into the lost world known  as  the  Lost  City  of  Z.  Is  their  unexpected connection a coincidence or have things come full circle?

Ashes in Stone: Unturned Stone Series (Volume 2)
To Be Announced, in paperback or eBook

Entwined in Stone: Unturned Stone Series (Volume 3)
To Be Announced, in paperback or eBook

Pebble Pup
To Be Announced, Screenplay converted to paperback or eBook

For Literary Agents:  To request a PDF copy of Pebble Pup Screenplay version,  select here.

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