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Conjoined Twins - The Untapped Romance Series

Imagine sharing everything from the waist down with another person. Imagine living day-in and day-out with a complete lack of privacy, autonomy or space. Now imagine falling desperately in love.

My Sister's Hands

Conjoined Sisters, Scarlett and Jade Jennings share their story. The prelude to the Untapped Series Written by Tanja Kobasic

Reaper by Sia - Music Video Tribute

Fan made video for Sia’s song Reaper – co-written by Kanye West. Not created for monetary gain. The Untapped Series/Tanja Kobasic own the rights for the video footage.

Make Them Scream

Make Them Scream ebook is available worldwide on Amazon. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to an animal rescue foundation in Baby’s name and all sales and donation checks will be posted here.

Lana Del Rey ~ Salvatore

The production, (Salvatore by Lana Del Rey) was an not intended to be a music video. Originally titled, Half-of-Nothing, is a short film that Tanja Kobasic had written, featuring a beautiful American student, who spends her summer touring Europe by train and then meets a handsome Italian man, who is already committed and engaged to be married to another woman. In the end, he ends up with half-of-nothing, which is nothing.

Lana Del Rey ~ Freak

Set against the Las Vegas backdrop, Sebastian Cole - Vegas' beloved Magician falls in love with Scarlett Jennings, a famous conjoined twin. But all is not well in Sin City. Jade Jennings, the green-eyed twin wants to keep Sebastian in the shadows, to have him gorge on his dark desires whereas Scarlett, (the gentler of the twins) wants to sever her ties to both Vegas and Jade, to runaway with Sebastian so that they could live as FREAKS in California.

Sugar Mountain - the golden key

Discover the real magic of Sugar Mountain!

Extra, extra!!!  Did you hear?  Sugar Mountain is releasing its first transitional children's book for early readers!

Ever wonder where we get our candy?  From a magical land located in the clouds of course!  We here at the Mountain Top are proud to announce the launch of "Sugar Mountain and the Golden Key".   Young readers will get to discover if Michael and Sean can save Sugar Mountain and its Queen, Sugar Crystal.

Did you know that all candies start with just one Sugar Crystal?

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